A new smoker stepping into the world of electronic cigarettes is presented with a large variety of options. One of the first things to consider is what type of e-cig is for you. E-cigs typically fall into one of three categories: mini, mid-size or mods. Think of these as basically small, medium and large in terms of battery life. The bigger battery you have, the longer it lasts.

So if the mods have the longest battery, isn’t that the best choice? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. While mods, or APVs (advanced personal vaporizers), do have the longest battery life, they are also the biggest device. Mods are also typically the most complicated devices available.

So why choose a mod then? Although mods are sometimes large and complicated, they are the king when it comes to control. Mods are heavily customizable, with hundreds of e-liquids available. Mods have many different tank options, resistance settings and provide a much stronger vapor than minis or mid-size e-cigs.

Minis are more about simplicity and convenience. Minis are shaped like your traditional cigarette. They have a smaller battery that lasts around a day or even shorter before they have to be recharged. Minis offer a rather simple vaping experience though that some smokers are looking for. They are typically the only category with an automatic drag, meaning there’s no button to push to hit the cigarette. You simply put in a cartridge and take a hit.

Mid-size, or ego, e-cigs are slightly larger than minis, usually about cigar size. They typically last around one to two days before the battery needs charged. Mid-size are manually operated with a button being pressed for each hit. Egos offer a little more control than a mini, and are more convenient to carry than mods.

So what’s the best? Choosing the right e-cig is really a matter of personal preference. How much do you normally smoke? Light smokers switching to e-cigs will often find a mini fits their needs. The mini is a familiar shape and offers enough vapor to satisfy their cravings. Medium to heavy smokers will typically not be satisfied with a mini though. The vapor production just isn’t enough to soothe them and the battery life will have them changing batteries too often to make the transition comfortable.

Medium and heavy smokers will typically need mid-size or mods to have a good vaping experience. Mid-size e-cigs offer enough vapor to satisfy many smokers and they provide a decent battery life. The manual operation of mid-size offers a level of control that is preferable to heavier smokers.

Heavy and extremely heavy smokers should try the mods. Mods have the longest battery life, allowing users to not worry about having a backup pack with them at all times. The different cases and tanks let users choose their own style to really make a mod their own. The tanks on mods can hold much more liquid than any other type, typically holding 3ml or more of e-liquid. Smokers can get exactly the hit they are looking for with the ability of many to change the voltage and wattage settings.

So how big are the batteries? What can a new user expect? Batteries are measured in milliamp hours (mAh). Minis typically have 150 to 350mAh. Minis provide a maximum of 300 puffs a cycle, but are sometimes much less. Mid-size are usually around 600 to 1100mAh. It’s not unusually for Egos to last well over 1000 puffs a cycle. Mod batteries are the largest of all types and are heavily dependent of how they are used. Some have variable voltage and wattage options, but they are the most controllable.

While big batteries provide the longest lasting power, sometimes they’re not the best options. Some people simply don’t want a big device. The mods can be complicated to use sometimes. The tanks need to filled with e-liquid. The size can make carrying the device cumbersome and harder to transport than the mini or mid-size. For the longest, most consistent battery, mods can’t be beat though. They are simply the best performance wise. Mods are also easy to upgrade, and users often upgrade one piece at a time to improve their device over time.

What about flavors and liquids? This is once again about preference. Minis typically have fewer flavor options. Mods have hundreds of different flavors compared to 10 to 20 flavors available on minis. Minis however are sometimes pre-filled. This are easy to use and are simply discarded when done. Refillable cartomizers are typically included with every type of e-cig available though.

Vapor production is a major thing to consider when choosing a size. Mini are great for just picking up and smoking, but often don’t provide enough vapor to satisfy medium to heavy smokers. A light smoker typically doesn’t use the device as much and a mini may be perfect though. Starting out with a ego style is often a good choice. Ego offers a go between that smokers can use to gauge themselves. Those who find the ego style a little too strong should probably switch down to a mini. Those who find the ego slightly weak should probably look into a  APV style though. Mods are typically not recommended for starting out unless you’re a heavy smoker. Mods provide an strong vapor that can be overpowering to light smokers. They are perfect for heavy smokers that love having control over each hit though. This size can also be off-putting, as they are sometimes very large. The performance is worth the inconvenience to some though.

Choosing the right e-cig is all about picking something you love.

Size does matter, but it’s not always the biggest that’s the clear winner.

Many vapors agree that bigger is better, but that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. Some people don’t need the vapor production of a big cigarette. Some people simply like the convenience of having a small device that they can carry and conceal easily. Others don’t care at all how big their device is as long as it will give them the vapor production and battery life they want.

Mid-size users have found that they need a little bit more than the mini offers, but the mods are simply too much for them.

When choosing your e-cig, there are many options out there and finding the size that fits your needs will make your vaping experience much more positive.

Start by trying to choose a size that has enough vapor production and battery life so that using it is enjoyable to you.